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http://www.phuketdining.comhttp://phuketdreamer.ning.com/http://patongdining.comhttp://phuketportal.com/Rat-U-Thit Road Patong Beach Phuket Thailand 2010 1 This is Part 1 of Rat-U-Thit Road, I broke down the video tour into 2 videosRat-U-Thit road is the second most busiest road in Patong, the road runs parallel to the Beach Road for a little over 2 clicks. Rat-U-Thit features a great variety of businesses from hotels to night entertainment, money changers, banks, malls and a good many dining spots. The road is truely incredible and really is gaining as a dining destination with a great international selection.Patong Beach is always is always changing so I try to keep my area videos current, this is the latest video of Rat-U-Thip Road shot in July 2010.Thank you so much for stopping by and check back often for more of my Phuket videos. Do you love Phuket as much as I do? Check out my new addition to Phuketdining.com; the Phuket Dreamer http://phuketdreamer.ning.com/ where you will see tons more pictures and stories about this wonderful Island in paradise.Sincerely,KeithRetired Navy SEALBud/s Class 137

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